Monday, September 29, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Autumn Is...

Cold crisp mornings. Apple crumble drizzled with caramel sauce. Warm sweaters and mittens.
Knee socks. Candy corn. Black cats. Fleece blankets. Trick-or-treat. Pumpkin pie.
Painted gourds. Pine cones. A steaming mud of spiced apple cider. Hay rides. Acorn squash. Jumping through piles of leaves. Hand made scarves. Craft shows. Baskets of Mums.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Color Kits by IssueGirl

Here's the latest addition to IssueGirl. Color Kits are essentially 40mL glass vials filled with a variety of beads, findings, clasps and whatnot. Each one has a specific color theme. In them you may find lampwork, seed beads, millefiori, glass rondelles, Swarovski crystals, charms, findings and a number of other unique items. So far I've listed two on etsy: Turquoise Dreams and Pretty In Pink. I had planned on putting the whole lot up but my laptop keeps timing out when I try to upload the photos. Not sure if it's an issue on my end or etsy's.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rock Out With Etsy!

I just posted this about an hour ago on etsy. It's my OOAK DIY Rock Star Scrapbook Kit.
This scrapbook is made from five brown paper lunch bags, which gives you extra big pockets for additional photos or momentos. It has rock star themed cardstock and is finished with black, sage and brown polka-dot ribbon. It comes with 3 large pieces of cardstock to put your photos on as well as tags and stickers.
I also make custom paper bag scrapbooks in any theme you can think of. Just ask!

Friends, Cookie Lee. Cookie Lee, Friends.

We'll now that you have met, let me explain a little about Cookie Lee...

Driven by a desire to have a business that would allow her to be at home with her children, Cookie Lee began selling jewelry to family and friends in 1985. As her business grew, Cookie recognized that selling jewelry could empower other women to build a business of their own. As a result, Cookie Lee became a direct sales company offered to the public in 1992.

Now, more than 15 years later, Cookie Lee has become known for offering the latest in affordable, high-quality fashion accessories! Inspired by contemporary designs and classic jewelry basics, Cookie Lee jewelry is delivered directly to customers through home shows, office shows, fundraisers and personal shopping through an ever-growing base of independent Consultants.

Whether you’re shopping for your own personal jewelry pleasure, want to earn free jewelry at a home show, or see the opportunity to start your own business in a field you love, Cookie Lee offers something for everyone! If you are interested in seeing what Cookie Lee has to offer, head over to my webpage. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line at Also, please keep checking in. I will be having a monthly drawing for a free piece of jewelry and I will also be having a HUGE Holiday sale!

The Confessions of a Bad Blogger

So let me start off by saying, I am a bad blogger. It's been 4 months. As in 120 days since my last post. And a lot has happened. I'll give you the breakdown...

June: Found a fabulous job at MHM Correctional Facilities (Hi Girls!) and I also took the plunge and signed up for Cookie Lee. You can check out my site here. But I'll get into that later.

July: Not too much happened. I applied at BCC for the fall semester and got accepted. Signed up for A&P on Sundays. SUNDAYS people! What was I thinking?!

August: August was a busy month for me. I was doing very well with Cookie Lee. Julie hosted a party for me while Mom was up visiting and I was getting a ton of outside orders. Then something unexpected happened. I'm not gonna get into details but let's just say I couldn't afford an apartment in MA by myself (and I refuse to have a room mate... I don't do well with other people apparently) I decided to relocate to Tennessee. 20 long hours in a moving truck with two cats, two half empty fish tanks and a tote full of live rock and water which I had to spray down every few hours or so. Fun.

September: I've been putting my applications in everywhere but the market down here really stinks, so no job as of yet. I took a campus tour of the University of Tennessee at Martin and applied for the Spring '09 semester. They have a four-year baccalaureate program for nursing so that's what I'll be going for. I've starting posting stuff back on etsy. Currently I have note cards and one of my fab paper bag scrapbooks.

So yeah. That's it in a nutshell. And if anyone knows where I can get a job around here, drop me a line!