Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another Year Under The Belt...

Friday is almost here and I'll be another year older. Where has all the time gone? And why am I so busy?

Mandapants' birthday is Thursday and we're going to Providence for the day. Friday I have my Psych final and I'd like to swing into the shop at some point and get some fresh ink. I also need to make some rockstar cupcakes for the party. And that brings us to Saturday....

The Hooligans 2008 Birthday Bash
8pm - til we close the place down
No cover
Party with the Hooligans and Rock Out with Flydown!
All the cool kids will be there!
Check out the wishlist!

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Weekly Update

Last Saturday we took the peanuts to the zoo. I couldn't have asked for better weather. If anyone is planning on going, the elephant enclosure is closed and they are now housed inside with the giraffes. We almost missed them.

Somehow we managed to get front row tickets to Eddie Izzard. Like touching-the-stage-I'm-five-feet-from-him-and-can-see-that-hes-wearing-grey-eyeliner. Fantabulous show. I would even pay the $200 to see him that close again. And when you order tix for the Orpheum, don't believe what the floor chart tells you. We thought we were getting front row orchestra and ended up in the back row for half the show. I'm sure Eddie managed to offend someone... that's how we ended up heading up front. This guy came over and gave us the tickets and asked us if we wanted to sit up front. For all of you out there contemplating going or not, GO. I didn't laugh as much as Dress To Kill, but that's my all time favorite. He wasn't in drag which was a nice change. He looks good in jeans and a tee.

all moved in with the exception of 3 totes back in Onset. I rented a Uhaul yesterday. I really do hate moving. So much in fact, I'm gonna stop talking about it.